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Sports X: First event from tamil nadu for this term. 13 medical students went to this adventure park known as zapp adventures where they enjoyed various sports such as paintball Archery Tag, Water and body zorbing, VR Gaming, Playstation and they enjoyed a complete break from the routine.


League of our own:

A football tournament organised for the members of medicrew in the city of Vadodara. Rotaractors from different colleges of vadodara competed against each other to win the tournament.

League of our own 2.0 Second edition of medicrews very own football tournament. This time conducted in the city of mumbai. An intercollegiate tournament between the members of medicrew. It served as a great platform for networking, competing and playing football which is a sports loved by all.

The Medicrew Open : Phase 1: A table tennis tournament organised in the city of rajkot for the members of medicrew. A fun break from the daily monotony of medical life. Promoting both a healthy lifestyle and healthy competition between the medical professionals

Pulmo-Asanas : A workshop primarily focused on asanas aimed at improving health of the lungs as owing to the fact that during this Covid pandemic, maintaining healthy lungs is vital as the virus affects the lungs the most . 

Apart from that, secondary focus was on put on decreasing stress , improving sleep quality , increasing mindfulness and enhancing cognitive function. 


The King’s Gambit : This project was aimed at activating the mind to think and strategise in the form of a game and the best game to do that is chess. Covid lockdown and working online has rusted the focus of the brain and chess was thought of as the best game one can play to refocus their mind so this event was organised in collaboration with Rotaract clubs of  Egypt and Lebanon.


Runtastic : With a goal in mind, it is easier to do your running and during a competition, we surpass ourselves, give it our all, develop a strength we didn’t even know we had. Competitive training can have similar, positive effects on our running performance. Keeping this in mind, Runtastic is our year long fitness routine wherein participants keep themselves fit and active whilst competing with other participants on the Runtastic leaderboard. 



Phase 1 Escapade 1 - In Mumbai, A mini trek to Sanjay Gandhi National Park through the rocks and into the waterfall followed by a visit to the Krishnagiri Station to get a glimpse at the herd of deers in the rains

Phase 1 Escapade 2 - In Pune, a trek was organised to Sinhagad fort. Travel and snack arrangements were made and the participants had a great time exploring the lush green hills and the historic Sinhagad fort.

In further escapades, treks will be organised in cities all over India 

Phase 1 Escapade 3 A trek to the wondrous devkund falls. Serving as a break from the daily routine lives of medical students. Team sports organised this trek in mumbai and pune. The bus from mumbai has around 55 participants and from pune there were around 12 people who joined us. The trek was very peaceful but a bit tough towards the end. However the falls was very pretty and everyome enjoyed swimmimg in the lake below


Fantasy Premier League

What’s better than combining the love for a sport and a cause to help the community. Keeping this in mind, Fantasy Premier League was organised in collaboration with 6 Rotaract Clubs to create the perfect amalgamation of Sports and Community Service.

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