The International Service Avenue, as the name suggests, beautifully adds an International touch to the club by enhancing members' knowledge, understanding and appreciation of worldwide needs, problems and opportunities, as well as cultural differences. This is mainly done by developing activities/ celebration of International Days to promote International understanding & goodwill. 


It's an avenue that also connects our club & its members with other Rotaract clubs and their members worldwide through Twin & Sister Club agreements. It allows us to build better relations with clubs all over the globe to promote the spirit of Rotaraction!




In collaboration with NGO Vision, Team International Service created short informative videos in Hindi, on five topics

1. Cataract

2. Immunisation

3. Oral Cancer

4. Healthy Diet and Fitness

5. Mansons Disease 

NGO Vision aims to break the vicious cycle of poverty and social isolation and to restore hope for a better future.


Virtual International Medical Exchange program

In order to further understand the rich culture and traditions of the people of varied countries  and build stronger global relations.

Functions with an Academically Relevant Panel Discussion and then continues to Dance, Music and a Showcase of A country’s tradition art and culture at its finest ! 




and as an expansion to Project Kaleidoscope TEAM IS moved on to Project Amalgam to meet on a monthly basis for fruitful academic and cultural discussions.

Considering the blossoming of our relationship with other countries the  need to explore it better, in depth, the positives, the flaws, of what in the eyes of a citizen it’s like to live there came about which was the inception of Project Amalgam and the continuity of our bond.


4.Log Kya Kahenge 


we decided to actually go amidst the public and discover what they know about breastfeeding and family lactation.


A team was formed (of our club members), who in various cities of the country, went around in public places and asked questions pertaining to the topic 


Their responses were also compared to the actual facts and information and was displayed at the end of the video. The video was then uploaded on our club’s YouTube channel and IgTV so that it’s accessible to all and the common questions are answers and myths busted.

Project Mélange
Log Kya Kahenge
Project Amalgam
Project Nazariya
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