'Work as one, learn as one’


Our role in this avenue is to develop and execute plans to tell the public about Rotaract and promote the club’s projects and activities.

We promote our events and all the information about our club through social media and offline marketing ! 

We bridge the gap between different avenues in the club. 

We plan to promote our club internationally and elect country heads. This way RC Medicrew’s outreach extends throughout the globe. Uniting national and international students is our objective. 

Our avenue also involves a marketing component to ensure the club connects to different regions and students across the globe.

Medicrew Witticism: The contest for being a pioneer to starting a whole new venture, THE MEDICREW MERCH, the best one liners and puns were incorporated as designs in the merchandise.


BYF: We all think about the future, exploring options is our forté, owing to that, we explored the world of USMLE Steps and future opportunities. BYF is a series of online webinars incorporating multiple international medical graduate exams such as USMLE, UK-PLAB etc. 


Industrial Visit: Industries in our country is the future to a sustainable economy, so in collaboration with the Rotary and District 3141, healthcare aspirants were given an opportunity to visit an industry and understand about business and running an establishment, such knowledge should be obtained by all medicos.


Everyone is Special: Ms. Rastogi, the autism expert had a highly enterprising discussion with our fellow members and educated them about autism and other related disorders. A highly interactive webinar unlike any other we’ve ever had, Ms. Rastogi catered to every question asked by the audience and clear their doubts with regards to the topic.


Organ Donation: One person's organs save 8 people's lives, different tissues and organ donation related information was given in the panel discussion involving experts. It gave a wide idea and a horizon as to how it will create a sustainable backbone to people facing issues procuring organs.

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