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Senior Citizen Health camp 

This was conducted in Chennai with a population of around 35.It was a general checkup and advise were giving regarding the food habits and general health hygiene.

Deworming and Malnutrition camp

This was conducted in Erode in a children's home with a population of 60. General Health Checkup and anthropometry like height weight BMI were taken and albendazole tablets were distributed

ORS distribution

On the occasion of World ORS Day, the Rotaract Club of Medicrew took upon itself to spread awareness about the utility of ORS or in other words Oral Rehydration Solution, a novel solution to the 2nd Largest cause of death in the entire world ,diarrhea. The main aim of the project was to educate the people from the lower strata of the society about when to use the Oral Rehydration solution and when not to. The project was conducted in 4 cities across India.

Dental screening camp


Our Volunteers arrived at the venue at 11am and then the camp was begun. Attendees were made to first visit a registration desk , where their basic details were noted, a token number was provided , and they were given a doctor-feedback form. Our dental students diligently checked all the attendees one by one , thoroughly, using gloves and torches. They filled the feedback form for every patient as well and gave appropriate advice. The camp was concluded at 2pm and was a great success.

Project POSHAN

Deaddiction and cancer screening

Breast feeding awareness

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