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Digital Communications is an avenue that shares the Rotaract spirit in a bright and colourful form to the world, we strive to showcase all the dedication and hardwork our Rotaractors exude every day. Our Instagram Feed shows that Rotaract is not only about conducting events and performing on ground work, it is also about the joy and happiness that can come with sharing positivity to multiple people across social platforms. We take our job as representatives of a Rotaract Club seriously and make it a point that we use our position wisely by educating the population about important topics across all our platforms. 


We truly believe in the saying “knowledge is power”. Constantly enriching your mind with new information, different points of view and knowledge in any shape or form is the secret formula to grow as a person. As part of “Mnemonic Monday”, we ask members to send in the mnemonics they’ve made or learnt, that would be useful to all medical students while preparing  for their exams. We hoped this would encourage our members to help one and another and foster feelings of unity.  Through this project, we aimed at making learning fun and interactive for our members. We have created a platform, where members can expect to learn something new and exciting to make the learning process easier and more fun.

Sound of silence-part1 

To celebrate international sign language day, an interactive, hands on workshop based on the intricacies of Indian sign language was conducted in collaboration with hear a million.


A YouTube series to talk about topics that are not commonly spoken about in society. We we hope that this series can be a conversation starter for many households and make taboo topics easy to talk about.


“Education is not preparation for life but, it is life itself”

Project shiksha is aimed at providing education for all

We at medicrew believe in this strongly, and so, partnering with CRY we are striving to provide education for all the underprivileged kids that need a mentor and a guiding  hand

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