A General health checkup and deworming drive for underprivileged children and adults which was conducted in collaboration with switch india. 3 project heads along with 12 volunteers managed the camp in Mumbai where they were able to serve the population of a slum area. 9 desks were set up for registration, COVID screening, general examination, distributing deworming tablets and educating or counselling the people on hygienic practices and nutritional diet.


An opportunity for any member of RC medicrew to organise a PAN-INDIA project 

All they had to do is strategise the cause they want to work for, organisation/ institution/ speaker you want to collaborate with, and a target population to maximise the effect of their project.

Projects were selected based on the Plan of execution and the impact it would create. An interview or calls were arranged and the members were given an opportunity to see their ideas become reality


Medicrew masterclasses one of the successful project running right from last one year. We've successfully covered more than 15 webinars under medicrew masterclasses. Currently, we bring to you session 3 on Immunology. In this series, students will be able to explore and get more knowledge about immune system of the body.


There were 20 volunteers who examined more than 975 people by taking their history , helping them out with the whole process of COVID Vaccination and observing them throughout. 

Understanding the process of how the vaccine is given , the way it’s stored , was one of the highlights of the event including History taking.


Amidst the COVID pandemic, the practical studies of students were affected due to online classes. To cover this deficit, an anatomy webinar was conducted by a top faculty of Seth GS medical college to help students prepare for their university exams.

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