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Project Quizzest-An anatomy Quiz in association with

A 3- week Quiz with increasing levels to test you on your fundamentals

Project Nayna


The free Color blindness screening camp and career counselling drive was carried out on Saturday , July 30, 2022 with the following aims kept in mind: To help provide Colour vision deficiency awareness in young children. To screen the individuals while solving queries and myth busters under the guidance of professionals. To uplift the mindsets and eye health of youngsters while keeping them in loop with the world around them through such awareness plans. To aid in diagnosis and treatment advice.

Community Health Camp 

As a Professional Development initiative, the volunteers were trained to counsel the patients and general public with management and treatment protocols for Diabetes Mellitus, Obesity and Hypertension, two major health issues that have been addressed by the World Health Organisation as the major risk factors for Coronary Heart Disease and eventual Myocardial infarction (Heart Attacks). The health check-up and awareness camp was carried out on 25th September 2022 keeping in mind the following aims:

• To help increase awareness about Diabetes, Obesity and Hypertension

• To upgrade public health while solving queries and myth busters under the guidance of professionals.

• To educate the people about significance of healthcare and importance of physical exercise

Project Conscientia बारिश SWG


The SWG has researched and developed content on Monsoon diseases, their treatment and prevention. The content created was used for- 1) Promotional materials through social media 2) Toolkits which will be used by the trainers 3) Resources to be accessed by the community

Health Tech Bridge Course


" Bridging the gap between Healthcare and Technology" Currently medical professionals are incentivised to use Telemedicine and EHR (electronic medical health records). Moreover COVID has only increased the conversion from old,obsolete and offline delivery of healthcare to "Virtual health".Hence this course in collaboration with iMedscholar will help ameliorate the gap

Fragile X Syndrome

Rotaract Club of Medicrew in collaboration with Fragile X India and South Asian Medical Student Association (SAMSA) conducted a session on Fragile X Syndrome to raise awareness. The topics covered are:- About Fragile X, Importance for early diagnosis, Clinical features, Case discussion, Discovery of the gene, Social implications

Baatein with Dr Himani Singh


An Instagram Live having a total viewership of 470+ viewers. There were over 131 accounts who were engaged with 16 comments present.

A safe Space


An anonymous form was shared where participants could share all their experiences and queries on assault


Pathway to US for Indian Dentist


Pathway to USA for Indian Dentists in collaboration with CaapidSimplified and Indian Association of Dental Students is a webinar of 60 participants aimed at helping the Rotaract dental members, dental students and dentists across India gain awareness about the process of studying dentistry in the USA and gaining a D.D.S. degree.



Workshop on medical research writing in Collaboration with GCMER. After the workshop,an article writing competition was held and the winners were published in R&I Inspire.



To create awareness about BRAINOGRAPHY – a scientific brain evaluation tool with the help of fingerprints, RC Medicrew was part of this event along with 21 other Rotaract Clubs

Screenshot (93) - Manali Sarkar
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Community health camp - Adnan Acharwala
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