Partner-In-Service Avenue acts as the point of contact and co-ordination for communication and conduction of JOINT PROJECTS between the club and:

Parent Rotary (Sponsoring Rotary of the Rotaract club) Brother clubs (Rotaract clubs under the same Parent Rotary)

Hep busters

An awareness and sensitisation talk to 

educate yourself and your community about Hepatitis. 

Myth Busting session to separate the facts from the myths about the disease by Dr. Saumil Shah


A year long initiative to provide food to those in need- a million meal mission with rotary club of Bombay seaface and rotibank across mumbai 


Throughout the pandemic health care of orphans, especially girls has been neglected. Through Project Chikitsa we were aiming to connect to 80+ orphan girls, and provide the necessary regular medical check ups and basic first aid management.


-       Therefore Project Chikitsa aimed at targeting this particular population group and aimed at working towards their welfare in various aspects to give them a better quality of lives, improve their overall health and improve their general condition in India as the kids are the future of our country and keeping a check on their Health is the need of the hour.


An interactive webinar about PCOS with certified gynaecologist Dr. Kinjal shah to bust myths and inform the public on this common syndrome- in collaboration with rotaract club of Wilson college and rotaract club of KC college

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