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The Bioethics Unit of RC Medicrew successfully conducted their first UNESCORTED certified event on the 30th March, 2021. More than 70 enthusiastic participants joined in to make the event a success. They were introduced to the pillars of Bioethics and actively participated in the ensuing interactive session with various case studies and surprising WHO quiz.


The Bioethics Unit, in collaboration with Team Editorials organised a Bioethical writing prompt competition. They were given two thematic articles upon which to write a 500 word article. The best write-ups were published in the Medicrew gazette. It was organised to understand how our members understood the realms of ethics and apply their knowledge accordingly.


An interactive webinar was organised by the Bioethics Unit with the speaker Ms. Amita Pitre addressing the 55 enthusiastic participants on gender equality in Medicine.


The Bioethics Unit organised Focused Group discussion comprising multiple case scenarios along with the Respected Dr. Russell D’ Souza addressing the audience on the importance of Bioethics and Euthanasia.

Bioethics LGBTQIA+ week

The Bioethics Unit took over the official Instagram page of RC Medicrew from 24/06/2021- 31/06/2021 and posted Instagram stories celebrating the month of Pride.


For the month of July, the Bioethics Unit decided to post a story every Thursday in the official Instagram account of RC Medicrew about perplexing cases where the Bioethical dilemma was put to the forefront. The initiative was well appreciated by the general body members with the Instagram account receiving many questions on the case of the week.

MWE MUN 2021

The Bioethics Unit of the Rotaract Club of Medicrew in collaboration with the Rotaract Club of SNDTWU, Juhu and Rotaract Club of Wilson College took part in a 2 day Model United Nation organised by Rotaract and Interact Club of Mumbai Western Elite, to provide an opportunity of inculcating the experience of the United Nation Conference at the level of Rotaract and Interact Clubs.

International Certificate Course on the Principles of Bioethics and Human Rights

The Bioethics Unit in collaboration with the Department of Education International Program UNESCO Chair in Bioethics, Haifa gave the General Body members a chance to participate in the International Certificate Course on the Principles of Bioethics and Human Rights. The International Certification Course is designed to improve self-knowledge about bioethics and how to teach bioethics. The course has online real Time Webinars with Expert International faculties taking lectures and discussions which will be interactive. Post the lecture the


participants will be encouraged to continue with the discussions on a dedicated WhatsApp group. The participants may expect at least one assignment in MCQs format for the assessment during each fortnight of the course.


Every Friday the Bioethics Unit in collaboration with RCMWE posted 3 posts on Instagram to spread awareness about HIV, normalising talks about AIDS and creating a society having acceptance towards the affected people.


The Bioethics Unit collaborated with the Department of Education and World Bioethics Day Committee, International Chair in Bioethics and organised a Scientific/Artistic poster, poem, photography and short film/ video competition on the theme of Informed Consent. The top 2 winners of each of the competitive category were given a once in a lifetime opportunity to have their entries represent RC Medicrew on a global scale.


In association with RCMWE the Bioethics Unit brought a Poster Making competition to the general body member. The theme of the competition was “HIV is not a taboo”. The 5 selected winners got a shoutout on the Instagram page of RCMWE and were awarded certificates.

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