“Creativity is intelligence having fun”

With a string of activities planned, we present to you a platform where you can socialize with like-minded students of the same fraternity. We've conducted digital events which include Trivia Nights, Online Escape Rooms, ice-breaker sessions. Collaborative events with external organisations on Mental Health have been organised too. Offline Activities include a one-day trek to the Visapur Fort, off Lonavala. 

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Don't be like Jack.

The Avenue of Club Service is here to ensure that.


Bollywood night live : 

This project was aimed to refresh the participants from all the examination stress they were going through amidst the pandemic. It brought about all the Bollywood enthusiasts together to be a part of a fun quiz for the same. All of the participants knowledge was tested regarding the same. Participants enjoyed answering questions based on audios, videos and pictures. A fun event in order to forego exam stress and have a jolly night.


Memer medico:

This project was based on the thought of execution of digital creativity of the participants. To keep up with the social media trends, a fun activity for the participants was portrayed. The participants created memes about the struggles faced by medical students. This created a light headed environment amongst the viewers on Instagram as well as the participants.



This event aimed to test the knowledge of all the Potter Heads. Various questions about Harry Potter series were asked. A buzzer system made it much more participant friendly and ensured maximum participation. All the participants enjoyed the fandom based quiz and had a great time.


Saturday Movie Soirée:

This event aimed at giving the viewers a virtual movie theatre experience, as all the theatres were shut amidst the lockdown. The viewers watched one of the most iconic Bollywood movies, 3 idiots, and made the event interactive by interacting on the chatbox during the movie. It was a virtual theatre experience for people for members all over India.


Trendy medico:

Trendy medico was an event solely based on the participants and the viewers entertainment. Reels regarding medical life were made by the participants. Which engaged the viewers of RC Medicrew on Instagram. The event encouraged the participants creativity amidst the exam stress and pandemic.

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