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To  educate  medical  and paramedical  students  about  the basics  of  research,  it's  importance and  implementation  by  explaining the  process  (starting  from choosing  a  research  topic  to publishing  it)  in  a  simplified manner.  We  aim  to  see  every student  armed  with  the  necessary knowledge  to  conduct  as  well  as study  research.


Medicine is as incomplete without innovation as a developing nation without it's youth. Integrating innovation aspect to current healthcare is the need of the hour.

Research club of Medicrew 


The Research club of medicrew was established under the Research and Innovation avenue as a portal for research enthusiasts to interact, learn and develop their skills of research on the 2nd of October 2020.


The research club provides a platform for students to attend various lectures and webinars related to research, discuss various research topics and opportunities as well as learn from their peers. To see every student equipped with the knowledge and skills to conduct research projects.


It is a 290 member club where several students have developed an interest and inclination towards research. Students are actively participating in discussions and presentations with more confidence. They were introduced to the basics and process of research and are now capable of conducting their own research.


DiscoveR : Unveiling Research


DiscoveR will be the official Research Magazine of the Rotaract Club of Medicrew, creating a platform for our members to share their research journey, critical appraisals, research opinions and publishing the winning research ideas and proposals all throughout the year! We aim to take the magazine beyond the Rotaract Club of Medicrew and Rotaract District 3141. This magazine will be the biography of our Society of Research right from its birth to it becoming a well established unit of Medicrew. DiscoveR shall be run by its Editorial Associates and Assists led by the Editor-in-Chief under the aegis of our Advisors and Co-Patrons. Outreach and Magazine Design is going to be our priority, creating room for many more rotaractors to be involved in DiscoveR. The Editorial Board shall have 3 types of positions-

Edition/Issue Board

Bi-Edition/Dual Issue Board

Permanent Board

Although the name explains most of it, you'll get to know more soon this month. Are you a research enthusiast willing to get a hold of scientific editing, Stay tuned for the applications that are soon coming your way.




INQUIRE (Scientific INQUIry & Research made Easy)_01


Research and Innovation is the Entrepreneurship and Development Avenue corresponding to most Non-Medical Rotaracts. Hence, living upto the name is a must. So now it's time for your holistic development and growth not only by listening and learning but also by leading and speaking. 

INQUIRE is a formal Peer-to-Peer Research Education Series, where SoR, RCM will provide Research experienced Rotaractos with a platform to conduct workshops/trainings for our most enthusiastic General Body Members under the guidance of the avenue directors and the SoR Chair. INQUIRE will not only create a room for open discussions and productive debates among students, but also give an opportunity for members to gain experience in public speaking, presenting and moderating. For the term 2021/2022, INQUIRE will start with Ideation. Stay tuned for Active (Presenters, Speakers and Moderators) and Passive Participant (Limited slots for attendees) Registrations for the same.

DiscoveR_Unveiling Research
Scientific INQUIry and Research made Easy
TWIN_Training in WrIting Narrative Reviews
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