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The Avenue basically stands as the link between the club and the members. It is a bridge that connects the members of the club closely to the administration of the club. It helps the members to get closely associated with all the working and gives them the recognition as being a part of the Rotaract family and not just merely members of the club. All the grievances and the queries that are presented by the members are looked up on by the HRD Avenue and suggestions and the recommendations put forth by the members are carried forward to the core team to help enhance the experience of the members and provide them the exact opportunities that they are looking for. The Avenue in itself also serves as the GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE along with the President and the Seargent at Arms to cater to all the disputes in the club. To help in extending the reach of RC Medicrew and extend our base PAN India, HRD Avenue has put in place several Regional Heads across various regions all over India and has appointed institute wise Institutional Ambassadors that essentially serve as the College Representative and serve as the first-hand point of contact for the members of different institutes to get in touch for all the doubts recommendations etc. Along with this, to help to cater to the specificity of every medical department that falls under our club, namely, medical, physiotherapy and dental, Faculty Heads have been appointed by the HRD on quarterly basis that do the job of formulation of projects specific to the faculty and assist the other directors from different avenues to polish on aspects of their respective projects to make them more faculty specific so that the club avoids generalized projects for all. Through the Regional Heads, Faculty Heads and The Institutional Ambassadors, the HRD has put forth the “DEVELOPING LEADERS INITIATIVE” that helps in training and grooming the probable core and board of directors for the upcoming years.

To further help in enhancing the bond between the members and the administration of the club, monthly GENERAL BODY MEETINGS have been planned under the HRD Avenue by the HRD directors where all the members are gathered together and are updated about all the activities that have been flagged off by the club in that month and are asked about their ideas, suggestions and their views on the kind of projects that they would like to participate in.

HRD Avenue has conducted several projects that did leave a mark. To name a few amongst many:

1.Second calls RH-SD

The main motive of the project was to select competent individuals for the positions of State Directors and Regional heads through an extensive selection process and oriented them, thereby giving them opportunities to enhance their leadership and communication skills. The selection process involved releasing application forms, recieving and filtering the responses, interviewing the candidates and then, orienting the selected candidates. Leadership qualities such as accountability, empathy and compassion were given extra emphasis and looked for in every candidate. The entire process was aimed at building potential leaders to carry out a smooth execution of the activities of the club at its state level and ensure effective communication at every step of the organization.

2Divide and Conquer

The Divide and Conquer is a pan India project with the main aim to address and spread awareness about problems specific to various regions. After formulating an extensive plan of action, all SDs and RHs are oriented about the event and informed to communicate the same with the IAs. The SDs chose a topic relevant to their states, such as RTA first aid by Tamil Nadu, Drug Abuse by Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir and so on. Toolkits were prepared on the topics which were then shared with the IAs. This toolkit will be presented by each IA in their respective institutes. The event is going to be conducted on ground as well as via the online mode. In the end of the event, a quiz is also planned to reinforce the learnings in a fun way.

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